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Hi, I’m Vanessa…

And this is my beautiful family.

When our son was born, we lived in a very multicultural area. We were blessed with friends who looked a lot like us. I assumed he would just automatically be unbiased. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

This blog was born to provide you (and me) with tools and resources to talk with our kids about race and support us in raising them to love our differences instead of fear them.

  • How to Stand Up to Racism and Inequity in Schools
    It is all of our job to stand up to racism and inequity in schools. This interview with Mia Wenjen tells us how to fulfill our duty well.
  • Helpful Tips for Connected Multicultural Parenting
    This conversation is full of helpful tidbits of information for families who have grown through adoption, families who have experienced trauma and multicultural families seeking to balance cultural awareness and connection.
  • Where We Come From: A Beautiful Children’s Book About Ancestry
    Where We Come From is a beautiful children’s book about ancestry. Find discussion questions and related activities to supplement the book.
  • Expert Tips for Dealing with Disagreements Over the Holidays
    This holiday season, don’t let disagreements with family members ruin your time together. Instead, use the opportunity to grow and transform. Prepare ahead of time by setting boundaries and creating a safety plan for yourself. When disagreements arise, focus on understanding where the other person is coming from and avoiding any attempts to convince them to agree with you. Take some time to find agreement in disagreeing and practice staying calm throughout the conversation. Conflict provides an opportunity for growth so don’t be afraid when it arises – use it as a chance to heal and build stronger relationships!
  • The Role of Grandparents in Preserving Culture
    Learn about the important role of grandparents in preserving culture, especially in multicultural families from this podcast episode with Nanny Jen.
  • How to Talk with White Kids About Race and Racism
    It can be tough to know how to talk with white kids about race, but this podcast episode is full of tips to help you get started well. Learn how to do anti-racism work well and have age appropriate conversations about race with your kids. It’s an important part of raising anti-racist children who are allies for justice.
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