Raise Confident Multicultural Kids in a Cruel and Confusing World.

Join us on April 27-28 for a free, virtual multicultural parenting conference for families with cross cultural, multicultural and biracial kids.

Culturally Sensitive Speakers

Empowering Advice

A Supportive Community

Our Kids Have Heard It All…



“Why is your skin so dark?”

“How do you say your name?!?”

“What are you eating?!?”

“Go back to where you came from.”

The comments break your heart, leaving you to wonder if you are really doing this whole parenting thing right. You just wish there was parenting advice out there that addressed parenting a multicultural, multiracial, and/or multilingual child. 

Unfortunately, most of the parenting advice you find is one-size fits all, leaving you more lost and confused than before you spend 16 hours searching Google for solutions. 

You’re constantly second guessing your parenting choices because none of the “expert advice” seems to work for you. Your child is struggling, and consequently, so are you.

You just wish you could find someone who gets it, support from someone who has walked in your shoes. 

Get Parenting Advice That Honors Culture

Instead of Ignoring It.

Be Seen

Be Heard

Be Empowered

Our panel of culturally sensitive speakers will give you multicultural parenting advice you can actually use.

The majority of the sessions will be live recordings which means you’ll get to ask all your questions and get the answers you need to boost your child’s confidence (and your own).

Receive tools and resources you can use to continue advocating for your child and your family.

Meet the Speakers

April 27th: Helping Multicultural Kids Build Self Confidence and Resilience

Embracing a "Not Only... but Also..." Mentality

Society constantly wants to categorize people and put us all into nice, neat  boxes. However, multicultural and multilingual families generally don’t fit into just one box. Learn to embrace the “not only… but also…” mentality  to affirm that children and their families can fully belong to multiple groups. 

About Ute Limacher-Riebold (PhD)

Ute Limacher-Riebold PhD is a Multilingual Language Consultant and Intercultural Communication Trainer at Ute’s International Lounge. As a life-long international, she supports international families wanting to maintain their home languages and cultures while embracing additional ones. Ute believes that understanding the other culture and language, and knowing how to manage our expectations allows us to thrive everywhere. 


She is an author of The Toolbox for Multilingual Families and How to Raise a Bilingual Child (available in several languages), a broadcaster at Raising Multilinguals LIVE and Activities for Multilingual Families and also offers online courses in her Academy.  Ute is fluent in German, Italian, French, English, Dutch, Swiss-German, and understands Spanish.

Cultural Mindfulness to Stand Tall in an Evolving World

You will learn how to help our kids be more culturally mindful of their own and others’ heritage. This awareness is paramount to developing a strong sense of identity and confidence. A person is more than ONE aspect of their heritage and/or culture.

About Aditi Wardhan Singh

Aditi Wardhan Singh is multi-award-winning, best-selling author of nine diverse books including picture book voted Teachers Pick by Amazon, How Our Skin Sparkles and the award-winning bookA for being a global citizen, Strong Roots Have No Fear & Raising the Global Mindset. Her books aim to give multicultural mindsets a strong sense of identity, while building cultural awareness. 

Featured on a number of global publications and broadcasts, she is one of the leading voices on cultural sensitivity and self-empowerment. In 2017, she founded RaisingWorldChildren.com, a global online and in print publication for multicultural families. An Indian American, raised in Kuwait, Aditi now raises children who are American of Indian Heritage. Today, she provides writing and publishing coaching to aspiring authors around the world who wish to develop their own brands.

Managing Stress, Anxiety, and Big Emotions

 Sometimes the world around us feels complex and confusing, even for the adults. Deedee will provide strategies for helping kids cope with big issues and navigate the big emotions, stress, and anxiety that accompany them.

About Deedee Cummings, M.Ed., LPCC, JD

As a therapist, attorney, author, and CEO of Make A Way Media, Deedee Cummings has a passion for making the world a better place. All seventeen of Cummings’ diverse picture, poetry, and workbooks for kids reflect her professional knowledge and love of life. Colorful and vibrant, her children’s books are not only fun for kids and adults to read, they also work to teach coping skills, reinforce the universal message of love, encourage mindfulness, and facilitate inclusion for all.

Cummings has spent more than two decades working within the family therapy and support field. Much of her writing shares her experiences of working with kids in therapeutic foster care. As a result, her catalogs of published books for kids are filled with positive, hopeful messages. Using therapeutic techniques in her stories to teach coping skills, Cummings also strives to lessen the stigma that some people feel when it comes to receiving mental health assistance.

Life on the Expat Planet: How Moving Overseas Helped Heal Generational Trauma

As a Jewish-American girl, the granddaughter of Holocaust refugees, persecution and immigration were big parts of my family’s story. It wasn’t until I began raising my own children overseas that I realized the impact this trans-generational trauma had on me. We will discuss how confronting, honoring, and releasing trans-generational trauma can deepen connection and strengthen families.

About Marisa Zahler Raymond

As a playful discipline strategist and family-centered yoga teacher, Marisa helps busy parents and children go from feeling overscheduled, overworked, and overwhelmed to finding more opportunities to create fun, ease, and togetherness.

Working with clients on and off the mat, Marisa has created a unique approach that draws upon scientific and spiritual practices to help families break old cycles, rediscover what makes them unique so they can strengthen their connection, resilience, joy, and balance.

Helping Children Raised Abroad Find Their Place in the World

We will discuss how to help children navigate a different culture, language and society. Often so many new experiences cause a wide range of emotions. Parents will learn how to help kids navigate the feelings and reach acceptance of who they are and where they “fit” in the world.

About Varya Sanina

Varya is originally from Russia and her husband is a Third Culture Kid from Tanzania. She has an MEd in philology and foreign language learning, is certified as a Montessori educator and is a childhood Neuropsychologist. Varya has 3 multicultural and multilingual children who are being raised in China. 

April 28th: Helping Multicultural Kids Approach the World with Confidence 

Standing Up To Racism in Your Community and Schools

Mia will share how she used her blog and 1-1 relationships to stand up to anti-asian rhetoric in her community and create change. This interview will empower and equip you to advocate for change in your community.

About Mia Wenjen

Mia Wenjen is half Japanese & half Chinese American and married to a Korean American. This unusual ethnic combination made her seek out all kinds of Asian representation in children’s books for her three kids. She started a blog, PragmaticMom.com, to share her favorite books, and Multicultural Children’s Book Day to celebrate diverse KidLit. Her debut picture book, Sumo Joe (Lee and Low, 2019) was selected as a Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year. She wrote Asian Pacific American Heroes for Scholastic (2020) and Changing the Game: Asian Pacific American Female Athletes as a Kickstarter pandemic project. Food for the Future: Sustainable Farms Around the World releases spring of 2023 through Barefoot Books. Postcards from Malcolm X: How Yuri Kochiyama Became a Civil Rights Activist (Red Comet Press) and Boxer Baby (Eifrig Publishing) releases in 2024. Follow her @pragmaticmom on social media.

Talking to Your Kids About Race and Cultural Diversity

Learn tips and resources to create the space to talk about race and help children thrive in a world full of racial bias. 

About Sonia Smith Kang

Sonia Smith-Kang is a multiracial female founder based in Los Angeles, California.  As a DE & I expert and public speaker, she focuses on topics around multiracial identity and parenting multicultural children. 

The Anti-Bias Bookshelf: Embracing Inclusion and Justice Through Children's Literature

In this workshop, parents will learn about six different types of children’s books that are needed to nurture an anti-bias mindset, plus examples of picture and chapter books that fit each category. 

About Rebekah Gienapp

Rebekah Gienapp an author, speaker, and coach for parents and educators. Her work focuses on nurturing a commitment to social justice and antiracism in children, especially those whose families hold privilege. The author of Raising Antiracist Kids: An age-by-age guide for parents of white children, Rebekah has been featured by National Geographic, The Washington Post, Parenting Forward, and Brownicity. She is ordained in the United Methodist Church and lives with her family in Memphis, TN. 

Positioned for Purpose and Promise

Looking for ways to help your children feel a sense of belonging in a world that can be tough and unforgiving? In this presentation, we’ll explore the power of purpose and promise in raising confident kids who know they belong. We’ll discuss strategies for creating and nurturing a sense of belonging in children from all cultural backgrounds, including tips for building strong relationships, fostering resilience, and promoting self-confidence. 

About Valarie Chavis

Valarie is a nationally recognized diversity, and cultural fluency thought leader with a background in education and a focus on improving outcomes for children of color. She founded Culturally Fluent Families in 2014, growing to a 20,000-member international group of parents representing various cultures and family structures. 


Valarie is known for her unique ability to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and help them find common ground to solve problems faster and make better decisions more often. Valarie uses her six-stage Model of Cultural Fluency to deliver dynamic keynotes, customized training, and powerful coaching to help teams work through cultural barriers. Her work has been featured in publications like Huffington Post and Today Magazine, and she has taught at several universities. Schools and major brands in the US and abroad have used her cultural fluency work and learning models to shift their thinking and change the outcomes of their organizations.

Journeys of Love and Resilience: Navigating Interracial Marriage and Parenting

We’ll have an open and honest conversation about navigating the joys and challenges of interracial marriage and parenting. We’ll explore a range of topics, including the role of social and cultural contexts in family dynamics and the impact of microaggressions and discrimination on relationships. You’ll walk away with actionable tips and advice for navigating your own interracial relationships. 

About Nikita Gupta

Nikita Gupta, MBA is a writer, author, blogger, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Nikita is globally known for her multicultural lifestyle blog, Growing Up Gupta where she and her husband, Sachin, share stories of interracial/intercultural dating and marriage, multiethnic and multicultural parenting, fusion recipes, and more. Growing Up Gupta led them to author: Habits of Successful Career Nomads, the Art of Interracial Dating. I’m Dating, Indian Now What?, I Love Masala Me, Love That Defies Boundaries, A Quick Guide To Indian Clothing For Women, Men, And Kids, etc. Nikita also partnered with Inkidz to create the first America Black History box for kids (proceeds go to charity).  She is a Yahoo ally partner and the CFO and a board member at www.multiculturalkidblogs.comNikita has been a featured contributor for Good Morning America, BBC Radio, the Lily/Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Times of India, Brown Girl Magazine, South Asian Buzz, The Parent Voice Magazine, Multicultural Kids Blogs, Multiracial Family Man, among others. She has also been featured on podcasts with Indian-Interracial Marriage, Multiracial Family Man, Invisible India, and more. For more on Nikita, including social media and contact information, visit growingupgupta.com.

How to Raise Global Citizens with Stories

Parents will learn practical tips for raising global citizens such as: piquing their curiosity, using creative activities, stories, and other methods to open their eyes to the world around them. 

About: Irina Skibenko

Irina Skibenko is a Ukrainian teacher, author, and founder of Smart Story Space. She is the author of three adventure stories for children: “Nina & Eve First Trip to the Sea”, “Nina & Eve at Schonbrunn Palace”, and “Nina & Eve in the Middle of the Indian Ocean”. 

She is a Ukrainian teacher, author, and founder of Smart Story Space. She has 17 years of teaching experience in the English Language and has received many prestigious certifications like the Classic Children’s Literature Certificate by Hillsdale and Developing a National Geographic Explorer Mindset with Your Learners Course Certificate by the National Geographic Society. She works with children from all over the world, helping them to develop a global citizen mindset, master their English language skills, write their own stories and share them with the world. 







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Frequently Asked Questions
Where will the conference take place?

Through YouTube Live on the Families Embracing Diversity YoutTube channel. 

Do I have to attend the sessions live?

By attending live you will be able to ask questions to speakers directly and will be eligible for drawings available only to live attendees. However, all recordings will be sent by email after the live streams have concluded.

How long will the recordings be available?

The recordings will be available indefinitely free of charge.

Will the sessions be translated?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to offer live translations at the moment. However, transcriptions will be made available post conferece that can be then run through a translation app. 

Will there be a certificate?

Yes, a certificate will be emailed to all registered attendees at the close of the conference. 

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