Are you looking for an engaging way to make story time more fun without staring at a screen? Meet Dorktales, in our humble opinion, the best story time podcast around. Jonathan leaves both my five year old and I rolling with laughter and listening to stories again and again.

As many of you know, we recently became a homeschool family (thanks COVID). I don’t mean the sit in front of this computer while your teacher talks to you kind of homeschool. For some reason I thought it made sense to do traditional homeschool where I am in charge of finding things to do, while I work full time. Smart decision? No. Lesson learned? Yes.

The biggest challenge has been finding screen-free ways to keep my child entertained while I get work done. It’s been a struggle…until we found Dorktales. Now instead of requesting videos, my son is requesting stories!

Jonathan Cormur is an amazing voice actor who happens to be on the autism spectrum. Words cannot express how incredibly talented he is at making stories come alive with his amazing voices and character development. As we listen I find myself imagining all these characters interacting in all their hilarity and have to remind myself that it is just him. Seriously, you have to listen to them just to hear how amazing this young man is.

The best news is, I’m not the only one loving Dorktales.

Here is what my son loves about Dorktales:

  • It’s funny.
  • There are tons of pop culture references to make the stories feel more relevant to today’s world.
  • The playful banter between Jonathan and Mr. Reg (a hedgehog).
  • The podcast episodes are short enough to become bedtime stories or fill in some downtime in the car.

You can watch my son’s full review here (he didn’t trust that I’d do it justice lol):

What I love about Dorktales:

  • My son is getting excited about literature.
  • Some of these stories are also part of our homeschool curriculum (score!).
  • We both truly enjoy listening to these podcasts.
  • Dorktales adds a good laugh to our day (and lets be real, 2020 could use some extra laughs).
  • We don’t have to stare at a screen.
  • We can even get in an entertaining history lesson with the hidden heroes of history episodes (like this one about Louis Armstrong…did you know his nickname was Ambassador Satch? Ya, me either.)
  • These are good clean fun that my entire family can enjoy.

What makes Dorktales the best storytime podcast?

I’ll be honest, we haven’t made it through all the story time podcasts around but this is the first one that I can truly say we both enjoy. Here is why we think it is definitely one of the best:

  • Dorktales effortlessly mixes learning and fun.
  • It is truly enjoyable for all ages.
  • It gives a fun modern day twist to classic stories.
  • + all the other reasons we already mentioned above

We would love it if you’d take the time to check out one of the episodes (our current favorites are “Little Red” and “The Boy who cried Hedgewolf” and if Dorktales brings a smile to your face (which I guarantee it will) leave a review and tell a friend!

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