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    Our world NEEDS more parents who raise their kids to understand other cultures and are curious. I think we see a real lack of curiosity in our kids which turns into adults that think they know the ONLY way to do things.

    Families Embracing Diversity has a message the world desperately needs."

    Susan W.

    What you get:

    -Expert advice explaining why we need to talk about race with our kids and how to do it.

    -Age-appropriate book recommendations with guided questions to get the conversation flowing.

    -Easy, age-appropriate activities and conversation guides.

    -Resources for awesome parents wanting to learn more.

    -Ongoing support for raising empathetic, globally minded kiddos.

    What is it all about?

    Were you taught that race was one of those taboo subjects you had to ignore? Me too.

    Yet the rampant racism, tension and fear that marks our world proves that we need to raise the next generation differently.

    Kids begin to notice race as early as six months and by age twelve, racial perceptions and bias are already fully in place.

    Translation: It is never to early to talk to your kids about race.

    The best part is, talking to kids about race doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience. Put away that bottle of wine and extra deoderant. You've got this. All it takes is some intentional conversation.

    Get ready to have a blast with your young child (age 0-7) while raising racial awareness and teaching empathy and acceptance.