For many families, when the pandemic suddenly changed our lives, it involved leaving behind their workplaces, friends, hobbies, fitness habits, and social lives. With such a drastic change, stress levels are through the roof. Even though many martial arts studios are starting to reopen, why not create an in-home martial arts studio to practice what you’ve learned?

Martial arts isn’t just a great way for kids to get some exercise — it’s also a wonderful way to teach children about inclusion and to embrace diversity. People of all ages, backgrounds, and physical and mental abilities can participate. Further, there are heroes of all nationalities and genders — from Bruce Lee to Muhammad Ali to Ronda Rousey — who practice one or more variations of martial arts, which emphasizes the beauty of equality to kids. Seeing someone who looks like them in a sport they love is a meaningful way to help a child establish a better sense of self-identity no matter what he or she looks like.

If you’re interested in creating your own in-home martial arts studio for your family, we’ve pulled together some resources to help.

Elbow Room

The first thing you need to do is decide where you will dedicate space to your studio. Consider lesser-used options throughout your home, and you might be surprised what you can do with even a small amount of elbow room.

  • Many people look to their basement for a (nearly) perfect home gym — just remember that airflow tends to be poor, so include ceiling fans in your conversion plan.
  • A garage conversion is another option to consider. While air circulation is generally better, it means kicking your car to the curb.
  • Even a small room can work for a low-cost studio, as long as you at least invest in appropriate mats for the floor.
  • Learn proactive measures to keep kids safe, like locking up potentially dangerous equipment or adding it to common areas.
  • Whatever you decide, keep the space, floor, and equipment germ-free.
Looking for a good way to burn off energy from home while keeping your kids safe? Consider creating an in-home martial arts studio.

Up for Your Conversion

How big or small your space is matters less than what you put in it to work with and what you actually do there. Aim for appropriate equipment and make choices accordingly.

  • A simple set of mats is enough to get any family started; just know what to look for when you decide to invest in them.
  • If you want to give your home’s value a boost, create a multipurpose space. 
  • Explore various equipment options and decide where your priorities lie.

Finding Motivation

Selecting a great space and equipping it wisely won’t matter if nobody uses it. Keep the kids engaged so they will burn off energy, hone their skills, and maintain discipline.

  • A simple playlist can be very motivating.
  • Scheduling can be the key to staying consistent in any workout routine.
  • Consider the benefits of participating in martial arts with your kids.

An in-home martial arts studio can be just what the doctor ordered for your family, even as COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted. Select a great space, equip it appropriately, and practice your instructor’s lessons.

Charlene Roth is a stay-at-home mom of four. Her children’s health and happiness are her top priority — which both come down to safety! She started Safety Kid as a way to support other concerned moms and dads and is currently working on her first book, The A – Z Guide for Worried Parents: How to Keep Your Child Safe at Home, School, and Online.

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