How to learn colors in Spanish

So, you want to learn colors in Spanish? It is a noble endeavor. After all, the Spanish-speaking world is a very colorful place.

All you need to learn your colors in Spanish repetition. You should seek to hear the new words as much as possible and then repeat them aloud. If you would like a pre-made guide for learning colors, check out our at-home Spanish learning guides. If you like DIY, go through this list and pick a few videos, songs, books and activities. Keep listening and repeating until you feel confident that you’ve got those colors down. ¡Buena suerte!

All the resources you need to start learning the colors in Spanish, plus a free coloring book. #learnSpanish #colorsinSpanish #aprendeespanol

Videos to learn colors in Spanish

Books about colors in Spanish

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?/Oso Pardo, oso pardo, que ves ahi?
  • Singing- Cantando de Colores by Patty Rodriguez y Ariana Stien
  • Colores by Eric Carle- Your little one will looooove this book because there are slideable windows to see the different words in Spanish or English
  • A Paintbrush for Paco by Tracey Kyle
  • Meritxell Marti has a whole list of books about colors in Spanish. Each book tells a story through various items of that color. Click here to see the collection.
  • My Colores, My World/Mis colores, mi mundo by Maya Christina Gonzalez
  • Colors/Colores by Herve Tullet (Mix it up! and Press Here are also great.)
  • Mouse Paint/Pintura de ratón by Ellen Stoll Walsh
All the resources you need to start learning the colors in Spanish, plus a free coloring book. #learnSpanish #colorsinSpanish #aprendeespanol

Colors Songs for Kids

Activities to learn colors in Spanish

  • You could make a colors flip book. Personally, I’d just put together pages of colored construction paper and collect items of that color to glue on each page but Crystal and Comp has a great free printable if you’d like more structured version.
  • Spanish Profe has tons of great activities for teaching Spanish to little ones. Click here to see her full list.
  • Take a color walk. Walk around outside or in the house and call out all the different colors you see. You could also choose one color to focus on and search for all the items in that color you can find.
  • Do a color sort. Lay colored construction paper on the floor and have your child go around the house collecting items of each color and grouping them together on top of the paper.
  • After your color sort, leave the construction paper on the floor and play musical colors. Turn on music. When you stop it, everyone has to run and stand on a color. Before you re-start the music, have everyone say the name of the color they are standing on aloud.
  • Play I spy in Spanish. Here Lupita and and I teach you how to play.
  • Play color bingo.
  • Play red light, green light just change the words to luz rojo, luz verde. On verde (green) your kids can go. When you say luz rojo (red light) the have to stop.
  • Play Twister
  • Draw or decorate a rainbow with colored cereal and talk about the different colors you see.
  • Give your child a camera and ask them to go around the house photographing items of different colors and then have them tell you about their pictures.

Free printable list of colors in Spanish

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