Though society has come a long way in terms of becoming more tolerant of other people’s personal, religious, and political differences, we still have work to do. Much of this work can be accomplished by simple changes, such as knowing what causes we indirectly support when we shop. Businesses both large and small channel the money you spend back into your local community, and it is up to you to decide where you want that money to go to work. Here is how you can spend your money more conscientiously in order to support worthy causes. 

Support Local

In a world where women and minority-owned companies have suffered exponential losses, every purchase you make matters. Supporting your local business owners—whether it is strangers, friends, or family – is the best way to ensure that your financial voice matters. 

When you shop small, you are not supporting a mega-corporation’s C-Suite’s annual bonus, but you could be giving a single mom an opportunity to put her at-risk child into a safer situation at home and school.

Shop with Companies that Value Diversity

If you can’t find all you need locally and affordably, you can still shop smart by paying attention to where you swipe your card. Heading to the mall? Consider buying your clothes from companies like Old Navy. Gap, Inc., Old Navy’s parent company, was listed as one of the best workplaces for diversity. The company’s overall goal since its inception in 1994 has been to promote optimism and inclusivity. An Old Navy coupon or discount code can help you save money as you shop so that you enjoy savings while supporting an inclusive company.

Another company that prioritizes workplace equality and supports causes near and dear to the hearts of many residents is Amazon. Although it’s considered one of the largest companies in the world, it supports veterans in a number of ways, including through entrepreneurship opportunities and free job training.

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Advocate for Inclusive Companies

Hive Life notes that a diverse workforce is an important factor in a company’s success. It promotes employee engagement, innovation, and a deeper understanding of all cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, promoting businesses that encourage ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, and other types of diversity will make the world a better place, starting in your own hometown. To truly maximize the human resources within a community, we also have to support companies that do not exclude elderly or minority workers or those with mental illnesses, which falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Support a Global Economy

Make your dollars go even further by participating in the global economy. Although shopping local is the greatest way to impact your community, another way you can spend your dollars where they will do the most good is by spreading them far and wide. Edology explains that the world’s largest banks tend to control the global economy. But that does not mean that your money has to stay at home. You can always order from fair trade companies that purchase from international artisans. Even something as simple as a $50 order may help put food on someone’s table for weeks. 

Your money is a valuable asset when it comes to letting your voice be heard. Spend your dollars where it will do the most good by supporting businesses that value the things that are important to you. Whether this is gender equality in the workplace or helping to improve the global economy, your money matters. While you may not see the direct impact of every purchase, rest assured that, together with your friends and neighbors, how you interact with businesses in your hometown matters to the mothers, fathers, and children who rely on them.

If you are looking for additional ways to embrace diversity and do good together as a family, join the Families Embracing Diversity community for weekly resources to break down harmful biases and build up courageous multicultural kids.

About the Author:

Charlene Roth is a stay-at-home mom of four. Her children’s health and happiness are her top priority — which both come down to safety! She started Safety Kid as a way to support other concerned moms and dads and is currently working on her first book, The A – Z Guide for Worried Parents: How to Keep Your Child Safe at Home, School, and Online.

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